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Snow run "Poorboys" & OBH 

12 December 04

"Here are some snow pictures just for you Wildman!"

<-- Big rigs playing.

Lots and lots of rigs, and this is only 1/2 of the main group.  -->

Some extraordinary scenery.  -->

<-- Dominic, Todd, and Zeecha with their tree.  Pretty darn nice tree too.
Jeff, Dominic, and Zeecha.  --> Mudball, Jeff's Scrambler, and Todd's TJ. -->


The Mudball of course!  -->


More scenery.  Sure was pretty out, although the wind was something fierce.















   <--  Jeff's scrambler.   <--  Mudball, Scrambler, and Todd's rig.   <--  Mudball and Scrambler.  
Todd, his rig and Jeff's Scrambler.  -->     Mudball posing, just 'cause I can.  -->   A little different angle...  -->