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Snow Run @ Lolo Pass


Chris, Kim, and Chris

Matt, PigPen, and the front of Kaseys truck



Matt "off-road"

Matt, Brett, and other rigs

Matt (taken thru windsheild)

Chris, Brett, Chris parked



More snow

And more snow


Matt pulling out a TJ from another group

Chris Helvey

More snow

More snow

Jessie's Toy

Chris Stuck

Jessie pulling Chris out


And more snow!

Part of the Gantg

Jessie getting the strap for the Zuk, Kasey in big truck


Chris Warren's write up <with a couple of comments from me>

Participants: Chris Warren in his SS Diesel F350 - Kasey in his F250, his son in his Sami - Jennifer in her Jeep TJ - Matt O in his Jeep CJ - Brett in his Jeep TJ - Jesse in his Yota PU.

After we got to the top of the pass we turned right again and headed towards the top, getting about a half mile before Matt O slid off the road so Jennifer graciously pulled him out, then immediatly following was Brett, who willfully followed in Matts' tracks, leading to yet another extraction. Then we heard Chris Helvey (hope I spelled that right) calling on the cb, so he met up with his at that point. Didn't get another half mile when Chris himself went into the ditch, at full pressure might I add : ) So the rest of us in the front went up to find a place where I could pull off to head back while Jesse in his Yota worked on getting Chris out, until Jesse was in a pinch, unable to back up, and unable to go forward with the tension till on the strap. So I got back there finally, dug Jesse free and unhooked him, then yanked on Chris, maybe a little too hard, until he came out and off the other side of the road. So he was then able to air the other two tires down, I gave him a pull from the front but it was taking him further down, so Jesse pulled him from the rear. From that point on he decided to stick closer to me for further extractions :)

Two Jeep guys from Welches, in a club I'd never heard of, were caught up to us by that point and decided to follow us the rest of the way. We encountered no more problems until we hit the switchback to head up the hill, where it took a bit for everyone to get turned in the right direction (except Jesse, he made short work of it all) So while we waited, with Jesse in the middle of the road in the lead, I pulled up next to him, trying to stay out of the ditch. When he pulled ahead and I went to follow, the ditch ate me. Tried and tried to no avail, until I asked Chris to pull ahead and yank me from the front. At which I pulled out finally on my own. Thanks agian Chris :)

We continued up the road to the end, played at the opening on the bluff for a bit, then I headed back down to see what was up with Casey and his son, unable to reach them on the radio. They had a little trouble, and were about to turn around and head out. So I followed them down and made sure they got out alright, then the two stranger Jeep fellows were headed back down, so I waited, and waited, and waited, and finally turned back uphill to see what the hold up was. Then I found it. Both of them, slid off the path towards the steep drop off and were stuck. So I crawled up to them, called everyone else on the CB to get a rig with a winch in the lead to pull the top guy out, then I was an anchor for the guy at the bottom. No problem. Then we headed downhill from there, letting the two Jeepers go ahead.

At this point we were going to head back towards the pass as Jennifer heard Darrin in his black YJ calling for some help in that area. <actually, we had been talking with Darin for a while on both the CB and the HAM radios. He had taken a wrong turn and gotten stuck, but then extracted himself ok.> So on our way we were. Jennifer went off the road a couple times if I remember correctly, only minor and got herself out each time. A little ways before we reached the pass we encountered Casy and his son again, both into a situation with Casey just extracting himself as I pulled up, then he pulled on the Sami but it wasn't working out, so we yanked him backwards and got rolling again.

I don't recall any problems after that until we got to the pass. A few people took off, including Matt O, Brett, Casey and his son. Leaving the rest of us to continue playing. We headed over the other side of the pass and took our next right and followed that up to a switchback at I think Mcgrew trail (is that right) and up a dug up road, very nice, more challenging. Chris H in the lead with Jesse close behind, then me, Jennifer and Darrin in the tail. Darrin encountered a few problems near the bottom, so I let Jennifer go ahead and headed down to help him out. When I got to the bottom he had gotten free and moving again, so I had to try to back up this hill, which took some work but made it. Then, yeah Darrin was stuck again, so this time I turned around and backed down, giving him a hand and getting him free, but only to not make it. At that point it was time for him to head out anyways, so he backed down and headed home. Then I proceeded to the top where the rest of everyone was waiting for me, and we hung out and took pictures for a bit, then headed back down. <On the way back down Jennifer got turned sideways in the road somehow and ended up stuck in the ditch and needing some assistance. Three guys pushing got me out of the ditch and headed back up the hill to turn around and come down again. Thanks guys!>

<On our way back down we came across a guy walking. He had been on another road that we hadnt taken and gotten himself stuck in the ditch. We of course picked him up and turned around and headed back up to get him out. A nice little truck, alone, and at full tire pressure. He was very happy when we got him out. We all got turned around yet again, and headed back on the road out.> Went to the park at the bottom of the hill and aired up, then everyone went their ways. I went to the gas station to get air and headed home myself.

All in all I had a really good time both days, and can not wait to do it again. The weather was great, snowed both days, never got wet from rain so that was nice. Never had any major problems either day (even me, never broke a thing as hard as that is to believe) So it was great. Thanks again to everyone who attended each day and for making it great. It was good to see everyone again and meet the couple of new people I did. Take care everyone and have a great holiday season.