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Moab 2006 - Highlights

The people & rigs:

Jenn – TJ

Susie and granddaughter Emery –TJ

Todd and wife Zeecha and son Dominick – TJ

Joe and wife Pam and son Alex –TJ

Alvin and wife Noreen and son Blake – TJ

Keith – Sami

Victor and wife Julie – TJ

Bruce and wife Lisa – YJ

Jim – FJ (TLC).


Friday 31 March

         Start of the drive down, only (approx) 1,000 miles to go

         Susie had Jeep trouble all day, which seemed to get progressively worse

         Spent the night in a hotel in Burly, Idaho


Saturday 1 April

         There is a Jeep dealer in Burly ID, who’d a thunk? Not that they were much help.

         No codes were being tripped. They thought it was a fuel issue

         Limp it along, over the mountain and thru the snow…

         Long drive, pulled into Moab Valley RV park around 1900 I think


Sunday 2 April

         My friend Jim joined us for the day

         Late start since a bunch of us rolled in late the night before

         Keith was cautioned by the cops about how his Sami was not street legal, and not to drive it in town

         The tires stick out too far, no flares, no mud flaps, lugs too big – hmmm…just like my rig

         We ran Pickle Canyon and Mashed Potato

         Due to time constraints from our late morning departure we had to skip Bashful’s Crack and the Tusher Tunnel this year


Monday 3 April

         Ran Golden Spike.

         With my friend Jim leading we headed out on the trail

         I rode shotgun with Jim all day. It was a blast! Riding in that big old cruiser is totally different than in my TJ

         Alvin rolled on Poison Spider – soft landing in the sand. No injuries, some damage to the TJ, but not bad

         Susie breaks the glass out of one side of her hardtop

         Dominick turns 4 years old


Tuesday 4 April

         Headed for Red Cliffs Lodge (ranch), up the Colorado River, for a ride along Castle Creek

         Nice facilities, good horses, beautiful scenery, what more could you ask for? Everyone seemed to have a blast

         Horseback riding

         Afterwards I headed up to check out Dewey Bridge

         Everyone else went back to camp to work on rigs and stuff

         Saw Herons, ducks, and rafters on the river


Wednesday 5 April

         Instead of Pritchett we decided to run Steel Bender

         It blows. It rains. It hails. It rains some more. It snows. It rains some more. And then more

         Todd breaks his steering

         Guys go to get the welder

         I got very, very cold – no top/doors, just a bikini

         Guys get back, welder doesn’t work. Not enough charge

         We leave Todd and head out for camp and to find someone with an onboard welder

         Alvin realizes he can rewire welder with car batteries

         Some head back to fix Todd, some go on back to camp

         Everyone eventually gets in late, hungry, and cold


Thursday 6 April

         Instead of Strike Ravine they decided to run Metal Masher

         Jenn rips off a control arm mount

         Keith welds it

         Jenn rips it off again

         Keith welds it again and puts a ratchet strap on it

         Jenn ceases to play for the rest of the trip


Friday 7 April

         Went and watched Keith play on Potato Salad Hill. He did a nice job of walking up it

         Then most of the group went and ran the first part of Cliff Hanger

         I headed to town to the galleries to pick up some stuff

         Met up for lunch in town and then hit the road

         Keith’s motor home dies outside of Brigham City

         Spent the night at a truck stop


Saturday 8 April

         Find Chevy dealer near by

         Get motor home fixed

         Drive, and drive, and drive

         Cross OR border and stay the night at a rest area


Sunday 9 April

         Grab food and gas and drive, and drive, and drive

         Get home about 1430 in the afternoon

         Pay neighbor kid $10 to unload Jeep for me and haul everything upstairs

         Collapse for next 24 hours