Golden Spike

Monday 3 April 06

Scenery Keith in the wedge Scenery Scenery Joe and Alvin
Alvin Alvin Alvin Alvin Zeech and Moe
Jim - I want one of these shirts! Keith and Moe Scenery Scenery Keith
Keith Group Shot Scenery Keith Keith
Victor and group Keith - broken tie rod Scenery Scenery Scenery
Broken Birfield The gang watching Keith work on his rig Part of the problem... Scenery Scenery
Keith and Moe Approching the Golden Crack Jim - Golden Crack Scenery Joe on crack
The golden crack from the inside Vic on crack Susie on crack Alvin on crack Todd on crack
Keith on crack Vultures or carnage hawks Keith playing further down the crack Scenery Scenery with rigs
Scenery Jim Susie's rig, Victor and Emery cleaning up the glass Scenery Scenery

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