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Whee!!!!  I've got RE long arms now.

However, the story behind why I ended up getting them now, is a long one.  

Suffice to say I have them, and I like them a lot.

After the install @ S&N Fab
Where the rear arms attach to the skid plate Arms from the side

Skid plate
Skid plate mounting bolts

Skid plate from the side
Where did my air tank go?
Nicely fab'ed body mount replacement Look at front arms from front

The first tests @ TSF

This is a the Rockcrawl along side Firebreak 5.  We also ran Hogs Back (that was quite interesting!!) and a couple of sections of Archers, including "Can Opener" (easy, it was dry out) and "Rocky Uphill" (challenging in a spot or two).

Jim on Hogs Back - I was a little late in snapping the shot.  He just had about 5 feet of air under that back tire.


Jim on the "Rocky Uphill" section of Archers