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TSF: 23 June 02

Cedar Tree Trail, Firebreak 5, & the newly opened rockcrawl: Keith & Jen-Sami, Joel-Sami, Jeremy & Todd-TJ, Jennifer-TJ, Kevin & Amy-TJ

It was a mud fest, strap fest, and winch fest at points.  This trail is nasty, slimy, slick, and mucky, but lots of fun.

Cedar Tree Trail

Joel climbing out of a hole

Keith with strap (yup, Sami pulled me out)

Pretty slimy mud (note the packed tire)

The mud I just got pulled out of

Kevin's turn


Kevin's stuck now

Jeremy's turn

Keith trying to find a way up the trail (yup, thats the trail)

Keith, trying

Keith trying the other route

And again (its dark under them trees)

Two Sami's and a Jeep on the trail

Kevin trying the other route


Mudball and Kevin on trail

Keith and Jen going down

Keith and Jen goin up

Keith and Jen going all the way up

Joel trying the bypass

Joel trying the bypass

Joel's drive shaft after trying the bypass

Kevin and Todd coming up the bypass

Joel, fixing the Sami

The "Cedar Tree" - not passable for most TJ's

More of the tree

Flex shot

Flex shot

Flex shot

Flex shot

Kevin changing a tire (bent rim)

Flex shot

Flex shot

Flex shot

The following series of shots is of Keith and his faithful passenger Jen as he winds his way thru the new rockcrawl.  Keith gave us an excellent exhibition of driving skill and Joel and Kevin both showed us how valuable good and knowledgeable spotters really are.  That was fantastic guys!!

NOTE:  The new rockcrawl is not for the inexperienced or the under equipped!! 

This is serious business.



Keith: trany mount

Joel: front drive shaft

Jennifer: left rear quarter panel dented, bent rim

Kevin: left front fender dented, bent rim

Jeremy: ??