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Oregon Trail Jamboree Invitational 2006

20-21-22 October 2006

First off, a big thanks to Trayson for the initial trip report, and also to 4RunnerRick for taking pictures of me.  Not to mention to all the vendors and participants!  Below are the highlights of the trip.

Instead of getting there early Friday morning to run with the gang, I was sitting in Hood River waiting for my Jeep to get out of the shop.  They finally deemed it fixed at 1130, and I headed home, loaded up, and hit the road for Cottage Grove.  I pulled in about 5pm that night.  Just in time to hear all about the fun they had that day.

A night run went out on Friday, and they managed to spear a Toyota on a tree.  Luckily no one was injured.  For more on that, look on the Pirate boards, as this only covers Saturday and Sunday.



Trayson:  We arrived late at Hobo camp and found that there wasn't a stinking place available to fit a motorhome (much less one w/ a trailer).  So we backtracked 3 miles and camped by ourselves.

Jenn:  Camp was packed this year.  Worse than last year.  We had people camped all up and down the road this time.  Lots more motorhomes and trailers than last year.  I was glad that I had decided to take my chances and not trailer down.

Trayson:  Due to an amazing amount of coercion, Braden had let me sign us up for the Bohemia Ridge run (requiring lockers F&R and winch).  It probably wasn't the BEST choice for Braden and his son (as Garrett was the one that ended up losing his ring finger in an accident that happened on this summer's PNW4WDA trailjam and it was the first time that the rig and Garrett had hit the trails since).  We ventured off with the group and I had the privilege of meeting Jen who was great to hang out with and talk to over the course of the weekend.  We all had a bit of challenge on a section of a hill climb on


Jenn: It was good to finally meet you also, and Braden & Garrett too.


Jenn:  First off we hit the Knott II hill climb, also known as Roll Over Hill, since on the very first event, back in 1997, we promptly rolled a CJ on that hill.




Jenn:  Then we hit Trinity Rocks, where one rig rolled on Friday's run.  Trinity is a short wheelbase trap for the most part.  The longer Toyo's have less problems there.  Don’t know about other rigs, as there were only Toyo's and Jeeps there this day.  Then ABC and Andy's Sandbox.














Jenn: Then down the Annie-Shoofly to the mine site where High Noon starts.

Trayson:  "High Noon".  Garrett got scared and Braden almost turned around and bypassed the obstacle completely.  However, after a great guy on the run suggested that he walk Garrett around the obstacle and gave Braden a good dose of encouragement, he was able to make it through "easier than he thought it'd be".  I was down there and jumped in the FJ for the big hill climb after the rock/tree squeeze he just did.  Braden was able to relax more without having to worry about protecting his son and had a great time on the hill climb.  Of course, after that we turned around and ran it backwards!  I had to squeeze through a section between a small 3" tree and another much thicker tree that corkscrewed up and was just begging to take out my hardtop.  I chose to err on the side of the smaller vertical tree, smacking it with my ARB Bull bar.  It then smacked my fender flare, finishing off my already cracked side-marker light.  I then made it though the Rock/Tree squeeze section again with a guy leaning on my hardtop at a key moment so it just 'rubbed' the tree instead of cracking the fiberglass.  (Someone please remind me that wheeling a hard run w/ a hardtop is dumb!!!)

Jenn:  The hill was fun, the trees were not that bad for me, but I had the advantage of the form fitting softtop.  Also, the big tires help, as I don’t end up with my body as near the trees.  Running in Bohemia country on anything but a snow run with a hard top is dumb.  I've messed up soft tops too many times down there, when you have to lean into a tree or rock.  Last year it was the tree on the opening of ABC that ripped my softtop open.

Trayson:  After some more obstacles, we eventually ended up at lunch.  At about 2pm, Garrett was tired and wanted to be done for the day.  Props to Braden for putting his son's wants above his own and they went back to camp.

Trayson:  The rest of us proceeded to the next section that included a steep hill climb that most of us had to winch up.

Jenn:  Not one hill, but several all stacked together.  This trail was called Upper Peek-a-boo.  I believe we ran Lower Peek-a-boo getting there.  This trail goes to a mine site and then it starts to climb, and climb, and climb, and then climb some more.  There was a small section, with some rock in the middle and trees ahead and on the right, with a bad drop behind and on the left, to go up.  That’s where many of us, both Jeeps and Toyos's ended up winching.  I got crossed up and sideways on the rock and that was it for me, haul out the winch line guys!

Trayson:  After that I was greeted by the site of a rock garden that was equal to or greater than the rock garden that was always run at TSF.  However this time, there was no bypass.  It was "do or be left".

Jenn:  This was about the size of the rockcrawl at TSF that is on the side of Firebreak 5 (not the crushers).  It’s just sitting there at the top of the trail.  It’s cross it or go back (yea, right).  Some rocks are bigger, some smaller, most of them a lot sharper than those at TSF.

Trayson:  I let some more air out of the tires in preparation (got down between 4 - 6 PSI).  I did all right. I'd say the hardest part was differentiating between the spotters that were trying to help vs. the peanut gallery.  I took the "trophy shot" line at the end and got the serious articulation shot on camera.  (Jen has the picture.)  After that we cruised back towards camp.

Jenn:  Take note Trayson... if in doubt, choose your spotter and don’t listen to any one else.  That’s what the trail guides are there for, amongst other things, to spot for us when needed.  We had planned to run the trail backwards, but we ran out of time due to all the playing that was going on in the rocks.
































Trayson:  Most of the group stopped at a little section called the "Champion Slough" or something like that.  I was going to do it, but decided that I'd just cruise back to camp.  There were a few from my group ahead of me that had chose the same plan.  I caught up to them quickly, finding that the Orange TJ from Overkill Engineering (sweet with coilovers and tubed fenders) was broken down.  He'd lost 4 out of his 6 lugnuts on the driver's front wheel and they were rattling around with his beadlock ring keeping them in.  I was the only one of the 5 of us with a highlift, so they were happy to see me.

Jenn: We did the Champion Sluice quickly and then headed down the road, and promptly caught up with these guys.  What the...??

Trayson:  After the quick 'fix-it' I went back to camp, aired up a smidge and hung out to wait for the raffle.  I didn't win anything, but took a free can of glass cleaner they were giving away.  (better than nothing!)

Jenn:  I won a spacer lift for a TJ - compliments of Sky Manufacturing.  Thanks Sky!  Not sure what I will end up doing with it - I think maybe I have enough lift...but then again...

Trayson:  After a good night's sleep, Braden and I went out solo to explore a little.  We both had a great time taking the Champion Slough that I bypassed yesterday.  From there, we went over to the Bohemia Saddle and then onto the Fairview lookout @ 6000 feet with a spectacular view of all the mountains (Thielsen, Washington, 3 Sisters, 3 fingered Jack, Bachelor, Hood, Jefferson, etc.)

Jenn:  I grabbed my friend Ruth and went out geocaching on Sunday.  I had driven right past 4 or 5 caches the day before and was anxious to get to them (we found 3 out of 5).

Trayson:  We stopped at the Bohemia Saddle when we saw Jen's Jeep with no one in it.  Shortly thereafter, Jen and her friend come tromping out of the brush, telling us about their latest Geocache find.  We got a thorough introduction to the concept of Geocaching and tromped through the woods ourselves to find the cache.  We signed the log and swapped an item of ours for an item of theirs.  (Garrett picked out a Bugs Bunny DVD)

Jenn:  It was a good cache, with some great views.

Trayson:  We chatted with Jen for a while before starting to go down towards camp. About that time, Braden found out (much to his alarm) that his brakes stopped working.  He jammed it into first and did a compression stop.  We tried to bleed the brakes and added a lot of fluid, but that didn't seem to help.

Jenn:  After we left the Saddle, Ruth and I ran up to Fairview also, since I had never gone there.  Fantastic views.  After we left the saddle as we started down the road we heard something on the radio about brakes, but didn’t know who or what, and also didn’t have anything to help with it, so on we went.  I wondered if we were hearing you guys or someone else.  There were a lot of small groups out on Sunday - we ran into 3 or 4 of them.

Trayson:  So, as a precaution, we strapped us to each other (with me in the back for braking) and proceeded SLOWLY down the mountain.  Luckily Braden trailered his rig, so we didn't have to figure out the problem right there.  We packed up, I aired up, and we headed home.  Again I was able to get over 17 MPG with Braden breaking wind for 110 of the 170 miles home!

Jenn:  Andy said that he saw you go by but wasn’t sure which one of you was in trouble.  I watched for you on the way down the mountain, but figured you were fine when we didn’t run into you by the time we got to Cottage Grove.

Trayson:  Great trip overall and it was good to be out wheeling.  The weather couldn't have been better for a fall day and the colors of the trees were downright amazing at times.

Jenn:  It’s some very beautiful country, any time of year, but fall especially.  I agree that the weather was fantastic.  And certainly a vast improvement over last years monsoons.  I rained so hard last year that I wouldn’t take my new camera out.  This year that wasn’t a problem.  =)