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OTJ4WD 2005

14-15-16 October 2005

This year there turned out to be runs happening on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I only opted for Saturday's wheeling.  There were approximately 61 rigs, not including club members who were running the trail groups.  We ended up in 3 distinct groups.  The Oregon-Colorado Trail, the Mayflower-Knott Trail, and the Jeep 101 (that wasn't really, it was more like Jeep 201).  I had originally opted for the O-C, but when I saw over 25 rigs signed up, I then opted for the smallest group, the Jeep 101 group (which turned out to actually be all Jeeps).  There were 14 of us, ranging from bone stock Wranglers to Grand Cherokees, to locked and loaded Wranglers.  A little bit of everything.  We had a fun day, Andy was leading and he put the stock and smaller rigs up front, and the rest of us in the back.  We simply hit many obstacles and a little trail between them.  The most notable was a new one called ABC, that is where "RubiKen" took the following pictures of my rig.

This is the tree that on my first run up the hill bit my softtop open.
This shot was taken as I went by...you can see the loose flapping part of the softtop that is supposed to be over the door.  The tree broke the snap and the inner most seam parted.  Lucky for me the fabric didn't tear.  It will be very easy to get fixed once I swap the softtop for the hardtop.
After you pass the tree you slide down into the hole.
Then you climb a little further up the crack
Then you have to climb out of the crack and weave thru the trees.
Note the air under the passenger side front tire.  What he didn't get a picture of here was the rock face that you have to climb up next, and then make a 90 degree turn and down thru a sharp dip to get back out on the main trail.  This made for a very nice little play area!
Ruth (AKA Huggybear), being X-treme!
This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon.  Such a lovely view up there!

So, after ABC we hit a good part of the Noonday Trail on our way back out to camp.  The Noonday is always a nice run.  Some notes about the weekend.  Friday was beautiful most of the day.  In the evening it clouded up, it didn't just rain on us, it "monsooned" on us.  It was a very wet evening.  Saturday morning was wet and rainy, so wet that I was unwilling to take my new camera out in it.  Towards the end of the day it cleared off a little, or at least the rain was down to just a gentle mist.  Sunday dawned sunny and nice with blue sky all over.  However, with a 5 hour drive to get home I figured I had best skip the wheeling and get home and start drying out my wet camping gear.