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OTJ4WD 2004

16-17 October 2004

Thursday night a few of us started rolling in late in the day and setting up camp so that we would be ready for the morning.  A bit of chatting and watching videos in one of the motorhomes, some talk with each group that rolled in, etc.  Pretty much a nice quiet night, other than the folks that rolled in really late (or way early if you want to look at it that way).

Day One - Friday

My camp 

(yes, that is an ARB cooler)


Friday morning we formed up into a group with those who had come early and headed out to just do some fun obstacles and play a little.

Looking behind at some of the others

Rocks on the side of the Knott II hill climb


That's one big stick he had stuck in his linkage.

Funky looking rocks

We had some fun, did some rock, some trail, some hills, etc.  Just a nice day to play out in the woods.  The weather was beautiful, and it got fairly warm too.  We get back to camp about 4 and clean up and start getting stuff set up for that evenings registration.  Quite a few folks had pulled in while we were gone for the day, and for a while they were rolling in pretty steady.

Day Two - Saturday

Up early, rigs started rolling in about 630 am, and up until the time my group left at 10am some folks were still rolling in.  We ended up with about 10-15 rigs per group, which works out fairly well on the trails there.  Our group headed out for some new trails, including Barely Legal and Stan (steep, tight, and nasty).


Coming up STAN, the Toyota picked the wrong gears and ended up winching up the hill.  It was steep and loose in the corner right where he got stuck.  Every one else made it up ok.  However the Bronco got right up to the top of the hill, just as you get onto the flat spot and he slowed down to say something to the spectators, and SNAP!  One of his u-joint caps just exploded into pieces as he came to a stop.  Limp up the trail another 30 feet to the flat, and then start pulling out the tools.  One of the Jeeps happened to be running the same axles and so he had a spare u-joint.  Most of the group elected to take lunch while the guys were fixing the Bronco.


A nice tight and nasty turn on Stan... carefully hug the edge of the tree to make the corner.  It wasn't much trouble in the TJ, but I think that the longer wheelbase Toyota's had a bit more of a challenge.

This is part of the "tight and nasty" on Stan.... most of us had 3-6 point turns at this spot.  No one got crazy and did more than just gently kiss the trees tho.




Chatting in the meadow after Stan

One of the gang decides that the gravel pile at the rock pit looks like fun.  He made it within about 20 feet of the top

  Regrouping in a clearcut


There were still flowers blooming

 Grasshoppers still abound


 Cloudy and misty but nice all day, if a little cool out



Back in camp that night at the raffle.  A big thanks goes to Sky Manufacturing for the big box of goodies that he sent for the raffle.  Also to the other companies who donated.   As always it was a fun weekend.  Lots of old friends and some new ones, not enough sleep, but lots of party!  =)