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OBH 8TH Anniversary Run - 8 February 03

Group 2

Dale Moseby - 93 YJ Robin Mathews & Jill - 93 YJ David Keleher - 98 TJ
Darrin Meisenhemer - 90 YJ Corey Meisenhemer - 69 Bronco Eric Scudder - 86 Suzuki
Eric Nelson - Military Jeep Jennifer Baker - 98 TJ David Lutz - 97 Tacoma PU
Jim (Jake) Farring - 97 TJ Anthony Delcarpine - 95 Y Patrick O'Day - Dakota PU

We headed out and headed out Powerline, starting at the "Happy Meal" section.  From there we continued down Powerline, thru the re-routed section in the trees, with no incident.  At this point however, things were getting awful tight for Patrick in the Dakota, and he decided to come back another time.  He was doing great up to this point, but, no one wants to hurt a nice shiny new rig.   =)   They headed out, and promptly got a hold of me on the CB.  The road was blocked and there was a truck over the bank, they needed a chainsaw and could we help?  Well, I didn’t think we had a chainsaw, but someone had a handsaw, so we went to go see what was up.  Turns out that the night before a truck (couple of kids) had gone off the road.  There were very lucky, they said that they missed the corner, endowed and landed upside down at the bottom of the bank - nearly in the bog.  No one was injured.  They were trying to recover the truck., but it was hung up on a log and they needed to cut it out.  Well, our small hand saw wasn’t going to do anything for them, so I called Ed on the 2M and he said he had a saw and was on his way.  (as it turned out, they needed a much bigger saw)  We got Ed up to speed on what we knew about the situation and turned around and headed back the way we had come to continue up Powerline.  We got thru the last section of Powerline and decided to run up Bates Road and go eat lunch at the waterfall (at least it’s a large scenic spot).  Mistake!  We got 1/2 up and just into the rutted section to discover 5 trucks from a 2 Big Bronco's club.  Several of them were open, and at least 2 of them seemed to have no notion what they should be doing out there (if the same line and speed doesn’t work the first time, try the same thing for the next 3-4 more times…).  After about an hour and a half of waiting for them to get 2 rigs thru this small section they finally made it and we were able to continue.  It took us all of 30 minutes to bring 11 rigs thru (2 of them completely open), and most of that due to people taking pictures and having to walk back down for their rigs.  After that we blasted up the trail, passing them as they were parked for lunch, blocking the hill climb to the viewpoint.  We hit the waterfall on Hwy 6, to find the whole area frozen and iced over.  Brrrrrrrr….  Most folks ate lunch at the guardrail on the side of the road in the little bit of sun that there was in the area.  Eric Nelson, who I had been talking to throughout the morning on the 2M finally caught up with us there.  At that same point, Eric Scudder left us, needing to get home early in the day.  After lunch we headed down the highway to University Falls Road, and over to Hood Raiser (or whats left of it), all I can say is that it was nicer than driving the road, and gave David some more practice in squeezing his Tacoma in between trees.  From there we had planned to go to Hogs Back, but instead decided to go hit the top of FB5 and take our guests for the short walk into see the Crushers.  However, I missed a turn, and we ended up on FB5, 2 sections lower than anticipated.  So we headed up the trail.  The first section was fine, no problems there.  The second was not.  We got up to the steep hill and I wasn’t making it easy.  In fact, I wasn’t making it at all without a lot more work than I was willing to do.  I backed down and let others try.  First two up were our guests, also, 2 of the 3 rigs running 35's.  Anthony was first up, and make it look almost like a walk in the park!  Jim was up next, but…he made it look pretty easy too.  David gave it a darn good couple of tries, but with 31's he wasn’t going past the last big hole.  Corey tried it in the Bronco, and was oh so close!  Darin gave it a shot also, with no luck.  Now I figured that Robin, being tailgunner, would be the last to try it and would make it up.  Alas…he gave it one heck of a try, but he didn’t make the hill either.  I had planned to go around and meet up with those who made the hill at the top, but…I realized it was almost 5 and we had better move before it got dark.  I got a hold of Anthony, who was up top, looking at the Locked and Loaded gang over a huge puddle in the trail, and asked him and Jim to come back down instead.  To make matters more interesting, while everyone was turning around and Dale and Mary Jo were leading the rigs out, Eric, in the Military Jeep promptly took a bad line and got majorly high centered on a rock (or 3 or 4).  After some checking it out, Corey got his hi-lift out (Eric's had been destroyed earlier in the day helping the guys with the truck over the bank) and they proceeded to jack and push.  After a bit they got the Jeep back with all 4 wheels on the ground and we headed down to where Dale and Mary Jo were waiting (and wondering where we all went to).  Right behind us was Roger's group.  We pulled off and let them pass so they could head on down FB5 on their way out.  At this point Anthony, Jim, and David had had enough and headed on out while I was talking with the guys in Roger's group as they went by.  So, what was left of us then saddled up and headed for Cable Trail.  A quick run down Cable Trail (after a few minutes of worry that I took the wrong road getting there) and we hit Beaverdam road and were headed back to Rogers Camp with just a stop or two to check the map and make sure we were really headed on the way out.  I like taking Cable Trail down the mountain, it’s a one way (down hill) trail, and it cuts off having to go down all those switch backs on Beaverdam.  We got into Rogers Camp just as the last light was leaving, Roger's group pulled in a few minutes later.  Everyone got aired up and pointed out on their way.  In my opinion, it was a good run, if not an exciting one for most of us.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The sun shone all day, even if it was pretty cold and icy up there in spots.





Group 1

This is a trip report for one group of participants in the Oregon BushHackers Anniversary Run held February 8, 2003 in the Tillamook (OR) State Forest.  I participated in one of the locked and loaded groups.  Those participating were:

Roger Christal - '95 Jeep YJ Dan Rose - '76 Ford Gordon Compton - '?? Jeep CJ-7
Matt O'Brien - '79 Jeep CJ-5 Clark Mason - '81 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler Bill Lewey - '78 Jeep CJ-5
Keith Willison - '90 Suzuki Samuri Gil Meacham - '77 Jeep CJ-5 Eric Bewley - '89 Suzuki Sidekick
Jim Williams - '80 Jeep CJ-5    

All vehicles had locked front and rear differentials except for Bill Lewey (open front) and Eric Bewley (limited-slip front).  There were also 4 other vehicles that planned to go with our group but for some reason, they did not follow us out of the Rogers Camp staging area.  We started off heading west on Highway 6 to Ben Smith Road, just past the Lee's Camp Store.  Shortly thereafter, we hear Bill and Eric on the CB.  They were trying to catch up with us.  We stopped and aired down while waiting for them.  We were soon on our way and decided to run Ample & Alluring on the way to Archers Firebreak.  Well, it's neither Ample OR Alluring since they "modified" the trail for a recent timber sale.  There were a whole lot more roads than there used to be and the terrain looked quite a bit different.  Anyway, it's as good an excuse as any for the stupid group leader (me) to get a lost.  Dan started having a problem keeping his engine running at idle.  After a run down a dead end road and a couple of other minor screw-ups, I finally consulted a deep woods guide (Jim) and he told me we were where we wanted to be - on Archers!  Dan had come pretty close to fixing his idle issues by expert use of his screwdriver.  The first obstacle was Can Opener.  We had attracted a couple of motorcyclists who wanted to watch the action.  They looked pretty bored as everyone made short work of the rocky, rutted hillclimb.  When Eric got to the top, his arms were a little sore.  Seems his Zuk chewed up and threw off his power steering belt.  So, we waited for what seemed to be an hour or so for him to reattach the nearly shredded belt.  Dan took the time to do a bit more tweaking on the carburetor and didn't have any more problems with it after that.  We did most of the Archers trail on the way to the obstacle called 20-20.  It is so named because years ago a group was running the trail and 2 people each broke their model 20 rear diffs at this particular spot.  This is one tough obstacle.  On the left side is a couple of rocky shelves with enough dirt interspersed that it is very difficult to get traction to climb the shelves.  In the center is a 6' high waterfall that is impossible for a short wheelbase vehicle.  On the right is yet another route which is narrow, but very doable.  Dan made short work of the left side it in his long wheelbase truck.  The rest of us tried hard but mostly winched over it.  Matt winched up too, but when he finally got traction, decided to continue without pulling up slack on his winch.  WRONG!  Over he went onto his passenger side.  Dan maneuvered into position to attach his winch to Matt's roll cage and it was righted easily.  The only apparent damage was a small indentation on the side of the hood.  Just a few hundred yards further on Archers is an obstacle aptly name Boulder Field.  It's just a nice hill with a bunch of boulders at the top waiting to totally destroy your undercarriage.  Not everyone tried this obstacle but Jim and Keith made it up without winching.  Dan tried a bypass and used a tree to put a beauty mark on his rear fender.  Way to go Dan!  We decided to return down Archers Road to Rocky Uphill, the eastern most two sections of Archers Firebreak.  Jim, Gordon, Matt and I decided to go down 20-20.  Along the way, Gordon's Jeep suffered aerobic inconsistency in one of it's feet.  Jim decide to show off a bit by turning around in the middle of 20-20 and going back up the otherside and then back down again to get to where Gordon was. Luckily, Jim has an on-board air system that quickly resuscitated the patient.  Finally, we made it to rocky uphill.  There were a couple of Toy trucks that graciously moved aside to let us pass.  The top was quite a bit of fun.  It was a bit tough to find the proper line through the rocks and mud, but eventually we all got through it, even Bill!  The next challenge was a minor one.  It's the obstacle on Saddle up called Nosebleed.  Almost everyone walked right up it.  Seems to me that Dan mentioned he did a little more custom bodywork.  We drove over to Firebreak 5 to look at The Crushers.  It was hard to tell if anyone had been out in the rocks lately, although there was a tire track on one rock that had been covered in heavy frost.  Finally, we decided to run Firebreak 5 all the way down to the bottom.  Dan got a little hung up on a rock on the new bypass section.  I can't speak for the others in the group, but I had a great time.  Thanks all for showing up and participating in the Oregon BushHackers Anniversary Run.




Dan's pictures here: Djroffroad's Album: OBH Aniversary Run




Group 3

Greg Mikkelson - 86' Toyota Mark Waggoner - 76' Chevy Davey Arnold - 87' Samari
Paul Turner - 85'? 4runner Mike Nopp - 78' CJ-7 Norman Patton & Dan Patrick - Green YJ

The plan for the day was archers. After Getting all of our tires aired down we headed off toward firebreak 5 and the first legs of lega of archers, but decided It might be fun to run the first chunk of firebreak 5 as a short cut,( Mainly because I couldn't remember which road cut up there) which proved not to be a short cut as soon as we got into traffic. All of our group was pretty well set up, all running at least one locker, so fairly esay time making the trail exept for Mark, who only had a minor hang-up. Taking a line that rested his rear driveline on good sized rock made for some cool three dementional art work on the drive line, no sweat. After some traffic, and a few tries with the rock between the tree's at the top of the first section, we were off on the gravel roads. After at least one missed turn(Haven't been up there in a while) we finally made it to te top of archers, and was time to check the bolts on top of the knuckle(the ones that hold the steering are on, and the top bearing of the knuckle) and find out that one is gone, and the others are loose. What a great time to take lunch and do some repairs. After lunch it was back to the trail. I have to speed this report up a little because I don't have time to write it, but the rest of trail went well. Everyone was set up enough to make quik work of the obsticals, but I have to write about Two more sections. First up was 20/20. This made for goos spectating, everyone had there own lines, some were more throttle happy that others, but it was fun to watch. Davy put on a good show here and made it up the rocky side on the left, with 31" tires. (show off) We also ran into the first locked and loaded group here, and got watch them go down. The next good show, and final one was the boulder feild. First I had to give it a try in the 86' toy. I gave it several good attempts and the 38's where trying, but I really didn't want to push it that hard.(need a front locker) It hasn't been back togehter that long. but it did make quik work of the left line, and after a walk around at the top I discovered that I only had two studs barely holding on, on top of that knuckle, done for the day. The next up was Davey in the Sammy. He some how mannaged to look good again, running that narrow little rig up a great line on practically the first try. BUT! although he had made it up the hill, the hill had claimed another rig. His rear most U-joint had failed and the driveline pushing yoke on yoke and had some how not come apart, good thing he brought a spare driveline. Next was Paul in the 4runner. He didn't have too good of luck with another victory for the hill. After about two good bounces on a good attempt, the right front burfeild shattered. Down to the bottom to pull the peices out. Last one to try the hill was Mike Nopp in his CJ-7. He gave several good hard(thnk goodness for rock sliders) attepts but just could not get ahold of the right line, and made it on the route to the left. After all the rigs were put back together we all decided to call it a day and made our way out to the pavement. It turned out to be a fun day. I finally got home at midnight that night(after hitching a ride to Salem to get a trailer because I had no bolts to hold my sterring on) making in another memerable wheeling experince. Hope to see you on the trails again soon!!!


Group 4

Waiting on trip report... (Susie's Group)


Others who took off on their own.

Rob Griffin  and Hans.

Kurt and his friends.