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OBH's New Years Eve "Hangover Avoidance" Night Snow Run and OBH's New Years Day "Hangover" Snow Run


"Hangover Avoidance" Night Snow Run - 31 Dec 02

Participants: Marty, Suzanna, and Laura?, CJ * Corey and Heather, Toyota PU * Joe and Jake, Toyota PU * Chris and Jennifer (Jenn), Ford PU* Jennifer, TJ * Keith, Land Cruiser

Well, Tuesday evening I met up with several folks at the Chevron in Washougal for an all night snow run for New Years Eve. I was first to arrive, with Chris and his friend Jenn arriving soon after, and then Marty and the ladies, and finally Keith - who let us know that Corey and company would be meeting us at Dugan Falls. We headed on up the road and met up with Corey and some friends at the falls and aired down there. You could hear the falls but in the dark I had no idea what they were like - this is an area that I had not been in before. Chris had some firewood in the back of his pickup, and both of the Toyota trucks were loaded wi th pallets for the fire.

We all got aired down and headed up the hill to a little play area by the gravel pit. One of the Toyotas got hung up on a rock in the pit. They played there a little bit and we then took off to find the snow. It was a long trip up the hill...no real bad problems, just minor stucks here and there. Just about midnight we made it up to a good clearing where we stopped. Chris had hoped to make the top of the mountain by then, but it just wasn't happening. We pulled off, people played for a bit, and Chris got a fire started with the wood he brought. The fire didn't flare up enough and get hot soon enough, so on goes a little diesel fuel - that took care of the problem. We had a nice start to a good hot fire. We needed one. It was awful cold when that wind came up! There was only one really bad stuck, one of the Toyotas was up on the hill, and as he turned to go down he bogged down. When the other tried to pull him out, the strap slipped off the hook and flew back, making a royal mess out of his windshield (no, there were no metal hooks on it). One more try and they got him unstuck and down the hill. A little tape and he was good to go for the rest of the night.

Pretty soon everyone was hanging around the fire talking. Jen set off some fireworks. A few pallets were tossed in, etc. and we just hung. More wood was tossed on the fire. It was looking like we wouldn't have enough wood, so some of the guys go up the side hill and cut the top off of an old dead stump and drag it down into the fire. After a while some of the folks took off for the top of the mountain. Chris, Jen, and Jennifer stayed at the fire talking. A while later, the gang comes down from the top of the mountain and takes off on down the road. We hang, listening to them on the CB - someone was stuck in the ditch, etc. About 3 or so, we decide to head down the hill, all the wood had been tossed into the fire, and we wanted to see what was up with the rest of the gang. Chris shovels snow and melt water on the fire, stirs it up, shovels on more melt and snow, looks to me like it is out good, so we load up and head on down. We catch up to the rest of the gang a while later on a side road where they had been breaking fresh trail in the snow. After a bit we decide its late, and head down. We ended up coming out at Mabee Mines (sp?) off of Salmon Falls Road. Its now 6am, the guys all head for town. I give it some thought, and head for Dugan Falls again. I get there about 630am and curl up for a short nap before the next run.

Stuck Truck at the gravel pit

Cruiser and Jeep at the gravel pit

Chris's usual parking job - at the gravel pit

Mudball at the gravel pit

Getting the fire going

Hanging at the fire

Jenn and fireworks





The fire

The fire


Chris going for wood

Chris going for wood

At the fire


OBH's New Years Day "Hangover" Snow Run - 1 Jan 03

Participants: Chris, Jennifer (Jenn), Jayme, and Emma, Ford PU* Jennifer, TJ * Lihn, Stephanie, & Troy, 4 runner * Mark and kids, Blazer?* Brett, TJ * Todd, TJ * Robert and Mary, Chevy PU* Keith and Jeff, 'Zuk

Wednesday morning we all met at Dugan Falls to air down and then head up the trail. I had arrived at about 0630 from the night run, and Lihn, Mark, Brett and Todd arrived at about 10 am. They said that Chris was on his way. Soon Chris made it, and we were airing down and all that. Robert drove up next to join us. Just as we were getting ready to pull out, here comes Keith screaming up the road in the Zuk. It seems he broke something on his suspension on his way from Vancouver and was driving "a bit erratically" and someone had called him in on a DUI. He was pulled over but successfully convinced Mr. Officer that he really hadn't been drinking and was just having troubles with his ride. LOL. What a way to start your day!

We all get aired down and head up the hill to the snow. The idea was that we would get up top quickly and then pickup breaking trail on the side road where we had stopped the night before. The weather had other ideas for us. It rained, and mix that in with the snow and ice, and we had a slow trip up the hill, with lots of stucks here and there. Surprisingly to me, it was the rigs with the mud tires and lockers that were having the most troubles in the slick mess. We eventually made it up to the road junction, and Chris decided we would just go on up to where we had had the fire. On our way there we stopped to try to get some gas into the Zuk...it took a while. The big Chevy was just bound and determined that we were not going to syphon gas out of it. Master Mechanic Chris finally got it to give up some fuel, Keith dumped it in the Zuk, and on down the road we went. When we got to the pullout, folks started playing on the hill where we had been the night before. I walked over to check out the fire, and saw not only smoke, but red hot coals!! surprise, surprise...so Chris too a look at that, and pulled out some kindling and paper and a little diesel and with in a few minutes we had a fire started again.

We hung around the fire talking and telling stories while the kids played in the snow. The Chevy was backed up to the fire with the cd player going so we had music and everything. After a while Jen came over to the small group of us who were talking a little ways away from the fire and said "we need an audience for a few minutes here" ... huh? Ok, whatever...and we wandered back over to see what was going on. Well, as soon as he had his audience, Robert was down on one knee proposing to Mary! The lucky lady said yes! =) A bottle of champagne was produced, partway opened, and the cork promptly snapped off of it. Brett saved the day with his Swiss Army Knife and its corkscrew. Pretty soon there was congratulations and a bottle of champagne being passed around the fire to the happy couple.

A bit later, as the rain started pouring on us again, Chris put the fire out again, and we all headed down the hill for home. Several stucks later - some of them pretty impressive - we eventually got out of the deep snow and started making some time. We got back down to Dugan Falls, those of us with air, aired up, and said our good-bye's and folks started heading for home. I got back about 730 pm...just over 24 hours from when I left. Quite the wheeling marathon for Chris and I. It was tons of fun, and I sure hope everyone had a great time. No injuries, no major damages, no super bad stucks, and unfortunately no pictures, but lots of fun, challenge, and snow. Hope to do it again sometime!