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New Years Eve – New Years Day 2007-2008



Hey, where’s my feet?




A handy time for extra lighting





Chris stuck

End of the night run


































Waterfall by camp










Todd stuck

























Keith’s Sami








































Trip report – by Beth Marie with comments from Jenn

On New Year's Eve I headed out for my second run with OBH, my first being the holiday tree run up Lolo Pass near Zigzag. Upon getting about 50 miles from the house I realized that I had forgotten my camera, I voted that going back for it wasn't worth it, but soon realized that I was really wrong to do that.  I left my house at about 13:00 and headed into McMinnville to pick up some hotdogs and buns at Winco to offer to the group at the bonfire. I then hit the road headed towards Washougal, only being in Washougal once before in my life, in about 1998 because I got lost in Clackamas and ended up in Washougal.


After getting lost (turns out GPS's only work if you do what they say) I arrived at about 17:30 and fueled at the local CFN, which was amazingly

within a stone's throw of the Chevron. I fueled and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed back to the Chevron and hurried up and waited. After

about an hour I voted to whip out my laptop and watch a movie that my passenger had brought along. That worked for about 3 minutes because the

power adapter on my cig light wasn't able to handle the pull for the laptop (gotta love Alienware laptops and their power sucking). At about 18:45 I

began to think we were in the wrong place because no one had yet to magically appear from OBH.  I called my sister and asked her to check Yahoo

to see if I had missed something, and I hadn't. At 19:00 Chris pulled into the Chevron with ?Katana? (his dog). Shortly thereafter Alan and his wife (Cherise), in a TJ, joined us in the parking lot.


The six of us and our three rigs headed out at about 19:20 if I remember correctly. We went from the Chevron at the corner of C Street and 2nd Street down to Hwy 14. From Hwy 14 we traveled to 15th street and took a left turn, 15th street quickly turned into Washougal River Road. We came to an intersection of Washougal River Road and Canyon Creek Road and stayed left on Washougal River Road. We pulled over at a wide spot about 16 miles up Washougal River road, shortly off the pavement, located near Dougan Falls Lane, and next to the actual Dougan Falls. Here we met up with Jenn and chatted for a while, I believe that we also aired down a little. Chris's dog also managed to give me a heart attack when she snuck up on me in the dark, a black lab does resemble a black bear in the dark in case anyone was wondering.


From the Falls we headed upriver, with all four rigs. In a short amount of time we arrived at the "base camp" and met up with Jesse, his Girlfriend,

and M.J. They, Jesse and gang, had brought a camper along with their rig, and Chris had a travel trailer parked in the same area. We stood around and

BS'ed for a short time before we headed up the road. I unloaded my extra gear at the trailer and such too.  As we headed up the XJ had some trouble the further up we got, with Chris, Jenn, and Jesse in front us, whom all sit up very high in comparison to the XJ, we kept having trouble because we where plowing snow.  I thought about it for a moment and came to the conclusion that we needed Alan in front of us because he set lower than everyone else, but higher than us. So our little team shook things up and changed the order around. About this time Chris realized that he left some things in his trailer and voted to go back. So he went passed us heading back and we trekked on. Jesse broke the trail for almost the rest of the night, plowing through snow 10 times bigger than his dog.  More like 100 times!  Lol.  That’s a tiny dog.  Both Jesse and Chris spent time breaking trail.


The night was without any bad things, although we did have a few problem moments. Jenn's Jeep did give her some trouble about three times and she had to be dug/ pulled out. It was a bad night for Mr. Detroit… I kept sliding and crabbing off the side of the hill.  The XJ ended up at 6 psi for the night and the rest of the trip, worked wonderfully.  Then we had some trouble when Alan was mildly stuck and threw it in reverse, we were a little close so we threw the XJ in reverse and backed up. Upon this action we backed ourselves into a snow bank and became stuck, all the way into 2008. Yes, we spent the first moments of 2008 slogging uphill in the snow…not even realizing it until Alan let of his 8 shots to let us know.  Jesse came back and put a tow rope on the XJ and yanked us out, and he proceeded to tow the XJ all the way up the hill. At about this time he realized that they had left me standing at the bottom of the hill, without my flashlight. It was very difficult to walk up the hill as my boots refused to get traction on the tire ruts and the snow was too deep to walk in. I had a lot of trouble all night with my boots, they caused me to walk like a drunk even though I hadn't been drinking. Something tells me it's time to go shopping for boots with better traction (these are almost wore out on the bottom, have had them three years now. But all and all the Jeep did get unstuck. Thank you Jesse.


The only other main problems of the night were Chris driving into a snow bank - this was a _very_ normal Chris maneuver…lets see how far we can back up this hill…oops, there is a hole back there.  Lol -  which can be seen in Alan's photos, and Jenn's tire coming off.  I had been having troubles and the guys decided I needed less air.  I warned them that I lose the bead any lower than I was.  Jesse said no problem, his compressor can reseat one.  He definitely proved that it can.  I had pulled a long turn in reverse while turning around and rolled the tire right off of the rim.  It didn’t take long for the guys to get it back on and we were all rolling again.. Both at the same place only seconds after each other. But both where easily fixed by a group of strapping young men. We voted to have the fire at Chris's Trailer, so we all headed down the hill towards camp. When we got down the hill Chris built a fire and put on some great music. We all stood around BS'ing until Alan had to leave because he had work in the morning. After that I whipped out the hotdogs, roasted a couple and started force feeding people. The hotdogs left something to be desired in taste though.


I must say that it wasn’t real cold out on this night.  I mean it was cold, but not super bad.  However my feet were freezing from all the standing on the ice.  I think my socks gave it up as a bad job.


At about 4:00 we all headed in and hit the racks, in Chris's lovely trailer, thank you Chris! Chris *claimed* to set the alarm for 7:00ish, but we all

woke up at about 9:00.  Oh, he did set the alarm… it went off 3 or 4 different times (he hit snooze).  I heard it.  I guess you guys didn’t. Nathon and I headed down to town to pick up some fuel and misc. things. We then headed to Chevron to meet up with the day group. I ran inside and picked up a tube of lip balm, and was amazed to find that they accepted credit cards on $3 purchases, but then again I was amazed that a .2 oz tube of lip balm cost $3. (Along with my camera I also left my cash on the counter at home).


The group then headed up to the staging area, the XJ still at 6psi. We left the group at the staging area and headed to the trailer; we bumped into a couple of hunters and made sure they were okay. The group then came up to the trailer and we all got ready. I got to meet many new people, but also got to see some familiar faces, Colby, Corey, Todd, Lynn, and some others that where on the tree trip. Didn't get to talk to Keith much, I hoped to find out what part of Mac (McMinville) he was from.


I had a newer Toyota ?Land Cruiser? in front of me that was having some trouble, so I suggested that they stop and air down. And they listened to me, which shows that they don't know me from Adam. They had no trouble airing down, but when they got back in to go further up the trail they found that they were stuck. So I felt kind of guilty about that, I really do hope that they come back, they are very nice people, with two very nice dogs. We then all headed up the hill, I believe that Jenn behind me got stuck good once, but I wasn't able to see it.  Ah yes, after all of Chris’s warnings to stay to the high side (so I didn’t crab off the edge again), I stayed high and promptly dumped my rig over in the deepest hole I could find.  Lol.  As soon as I realized that forwards under my own power meant that my right front tire went lower and my left front went higher.  Backwards just wasn’t happening at all.  So I quit fooling around and waited for Chris to pull up in front of me and give me a tug in the right direction.  It didn’t take much for the big Ford to pull my Jeep out.


We got the chance in the XJ to pull two people out. A sami and a older Toyota Land Cruiser. Jesse in his Toyota truck got stuck and had to have help from the rest of the group, so Robyn, Todd, Keith, Corey, a sami, Jenn, and I continued down another road. Keith got a good stuck on and we headed back with Corey and Jenn up to where Jesse was stuck and Chris had a broken Tie Rod. I wasn't able to see it before it was fixed, but Chris did a lovely job fixing it with a bungee cord from the looks of what I saw.


Corey told me that Chris had broke, so I turned around and went back up to see.  I didn’t realize at the time that Jesse was still majorly stuck.  Buried in fact.  I missed Keith dumping the sami over, but Wade got pictures for me.  =)  Thanks!


Shortly after that the group got together and was getting ready to make a fire. Rumor had it that Colby chained up the Blazer and headed up another road. But that was never confirmed, the chaining up part at least. At this point Nathon was ready to leave so him and I headed down the mountain and went to the Chevron and aired up the XJ. We then headed towards home. I dropped Nathon off and made my way home. I got home and was exhausted.


I have given some thought to the group though, I had a lovely time talking to Jenn but I think that we need to recruit more ladies to the group. Either

that or we could recruit some single guys for Jenn and me ;).  All and all I had a lovely time. It was absolutely beautiful in that area, the river reminded me of Breitenbush in September. I really wish I would have remembered my camera,  but that only makes me more apt to remember it in the future. Thank you all, I had a wonderful trip!


Glad to hear you had a good time.  It was fun.


After you left people made their way up the direction we had been headed on the night run and played around in the gravel pit there – literally a hop and a skip up the road (200 feet?).  No fire, too windy up there.  The wind was something fierce, and cold.  There were plenty of stucks both getting up there and while playing around.  Jesse had to rescue me out of one deep hole.  I was just sitting there with all 4 spinning.


After a while we headed back to the junction and some of us got to talking, others headed down the hill in small groups.  I was in the last group heading down, and all went well until I started playing around, slid into the ditch, and needed a pull out from Robin.  After that my front tire promptly came off the bead.  However, that wonderful group of handsome men came to the rescue and we got the tire back on and headed down the mountain.  Somewhere after that Chris lost his tie rod again, however it seemed to be a quick fix as they were at the camp only about 5 minutes behind me.  I got aired up and loaded up and then took off for Dugan Falls and then home.


It was a pretty fantastic trip!!!!  I had an absolute blast!  Thanks to all who came, I didn’t get all the names or rigs, but we had lots of folks show up, both rigs I had seen before and ones I have not seen before.