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Elbe Hills OHV Area

May 2008

A few of us decided to go up and run Elbe Hills OHV Area (Washington State, near Mt Raineer) over Memorial Day weekend.  Not the greatest decision, as there were tons of people up there, many very large groups. The camping was full, as were all the large open areas along the roads.  Luckily not too many of them were equipped to run the trail that we were planning - Busy Wild.  The trail was soupy and sticky and swampy, with lots of mud and water.  We met one group of 3 rigs at the first obsticale, They were turning back, not having the whole group locked up on both axles.  We also ran into a group of 3 quads, nice folks.  Later in the day there was another group of extreme rigs that passed us.  That was it on the trail.  That was good, as we had enough troubles with the trail itself.  Some of the mudholes were deeper than the tubs of our rigs.  We all tried hard not to get a stream of mud running thru the rig.  We had a few small issues, a popped bead on Todd’s rig.  My TJ quit functioning near the end of the trail.  After much trial and error and discussion Robin discovered it was an electrical problem and was able to reconnect the electrical connector that had come apart and killed the engine (actually the fuel pump).  It was a fun day, but I think that I prefer this trail when it’s a touch drier out.

The trail



Keith, Todd in background

Robin & Jill

Da MudBall


Todd’s flat




Robin – note the quad in the background


Back of Da MudBall


Robin & Jenn – note the mud level on the softtops

Robin & Jenn

Robin pulling Keith “out”


Keith – the Sami didn’t fair any better than the Jeeps

Todd & Dominick



Yum, yum – the whole trail pretty much looked like this

Keiths turn